Facebook Guidelines

1.   Each Chartered Chapter can design their own Facebook page/website or Blog if desired. The Chapter should not build the Facebook page/website or Blog on any member’s personal server. Web site space is available thru the STAR International web site. The International STAR Council will review all Chapter Facebook pages/websites and Blogs for approval before releasing the address. Chapters are required to choose and create one the following forms of communication:  Chapter Facebook page/website or Blog.
2.  The “official” STAR logos are available from your Chapter President, State Ambassador, or the International STAR Council. Please read the attached guidelines and “Trademark License Agreement.” You can use the STAR Touring logos as long as the International STAR Council approves your page.
3.  You CANNOT reproduce the National or International Charter on any of your social pages.
4.  The Charters are a “Licensed and copyrighted Document” and they are not to be posted, copied, or duplicated in any way.
Note: You can publish the Chapter by-law section if you wish.
5.  All Chapter Facebook pages/websites or Blogs and any links that are attached need to be “G” rated and if possible, the attached Facebook/Website disclaimer will be posted in a conspicuous location on the pages/s.
6.  State Ambassadors should be given access to all Chapter Facebook pages/websites and Blogs within their region.
7.  Once the Facebook page/website or Blog is approved, a link will be established to the Chapter’s listing on our International website.
1. The home page needs to state the official Chapter name, number, and STAR Touring and Riding Assoc. The official Chapter name can be found on page 5 and 9 of the Chapter charter. Do not refer to your Chapter as a “club”. You are a Chapter
of STAR Touring and Riding Assoc.
2. Approved Chapter logo, if Chapter has one.
3. STAR Touring standard logo.
4. Embedded HTML link to www.startouring.org provided by the STAR Office.
STAR Touring and Riding Assoc. is the proper name of our organization. Please note that STAR is referenced in CAPS when referring to STAR Touring. STAR is an
acronym. Please also note STAR Touring is an International organization; please do not refer to the Office as “National” or “The National”.  In succeeding pages of your site you can use short versions of our name, STAR, STAR Touring, or STAR Touring International.
1. No links to other riding Organizations, Associations, or clubs are allowed.
2. All links need to be “G” rated.
Links to other Chapter web sites are OK; the other Chapter sites need to be on the approved list. You can check this by looking on the Chapter List page on www.startouring.org all approved Chapter web sites are under their respective Chapter listing.
Page linking to www.startouring.org is allowed as long as the Chapter web site is approved and linked on the contact page.
Any of our National and International forms should not be posted on Chapter web sites. Please link your page to the appropriate page/s on the STAR Touring site, like STAR Vets, Tin Star, and membership application. This will assure that the most current documents are used.
Photos posted on Chapter web sites need to be “G” rated.
Please keep your Chapter website updated with current information, remove old or dead links as soon as you can. Provide an e-mail address, or phone number on your site for reporting concerns about your site. Take advantage of page linking towww.startouring.org , this way you are assured of the most current information.
We recommend that you place the following disclaimer in a conspicuous place on any of your social medial pages.
Welcome to the STAR (Name of Chapter here) Facebook page/website. This Facebook page/website is privately owned and operated by (Name of the Chapter here) of the STAR Touring and Riding Association. Access to the forums is reserved for STAR members. All forums are family oriented and carry a “G” rating. The forums are designed for the enjoyment and participation by all family members, regardless of age, and without the need for parental or STAR censorship.
In order to insure a “G” rated, family oriented site that can be enjoyed by all, the following items are unauthorized:
1.Offensive language and/or characters to disguise offensive language.
2.Inappropriate photos. (Would you show the picture to your 8-year-old daughter?)
3.Links to other competing organizations, or non G rated sites. Vendor links should be put on the LINKS page.
4.Instant messaging and/or “chat rooms,” hijacking a topic thread, or multiple posts on the same topic on multiple forums.
5.“Bike bashing”. We are all individuals and our ride is a personal reflection of our own enjoyment.
6.Advertising or unsolicited advertising (spamming) by members, dealers, manufacturers, vendors, motorcycle organizations, other businesses, or organizations via web board posts, emails, or web links, without prior written permission from the STAR International office.
7.Harvesting of database information for membership or product solicitation by members, dealers, manufacturers, vendors, or any other organization.
8.Defamation of character, personal attacks, or threats against other members or groups related to, but not limited to, race, creed, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, political viewpoint, or education.
9.Personal grievances between members, STAR Touring and Riding Association, Star Motorcycles, Yamaha, dealers, vendors, or other organizations.
10.Disruptive, confrontational, or anonymous posts.
Chat rooms and Forums are not recommended on Chapter websites. If you need more information on this contact the STAR Office by phone. Chapter websites need to be simple and easy to use, follow the three-click rule. Take advantage of the web space available on the STAR Touring server, 10 MB and it’s free. Make sure the Chapter Officers have access and passwords for your site. Many Chapter web masters have had life changes and no longer have time to maintain the site, (they have also been known
to disappear) and no one else had the passwords. Have another person look at your site before submitting it for approval; give them these guidelines so they can proof your work.
For approval of your website e-mail the link to events@startouring.organd copy your Regional Director/State Ambassador into the e-mail. If you have questions, call the Office.
If your Chapter decides to change servers, change address, or abandon your site please notify the Office immediately.  Office Hours are M-F 8:30 to 4:30 CST, TX. (520)-292-0200.