What are the International Office Business hours?
Answer:  Monday through Friday 8:30-4:00pm MST (AZ)

What is the annual membership fee?
Answer: Family membership is $48.00 US. This includes you, your spouse/significant other (must live in the same household) and four children under the age of 18 years. Additional children and or grandchildren can be added @ $10. each.

Forgot your user name and/or password?
Answer: To access the members only area of the site, go to Member Login on the home page. Click on forgot by user name and/or password. Enter your user name and/or e-mail that is on your STAR member profile, then click submit.  An e-mail will be sent to you with your new password.  Log in with this password and then you can change it if you wish.  If the e-mail doesn’t match, you will be directed to contact the STAR Office at 520-292-0200 or e-mail membership@startouring.org .

I have heard about STAR Touring and Riding Association but I don’t own a Star Motorcycle. Can I join?
Answer: Yes you can! STAR Touring and Riding is a family organization and our family and friends don’t always own the same brand of bike. Although our main focus is the Star Motorcycle Line manufactured by Yamaha, we welcome all motorcyclists.

After joining STAR how long does it take to get my membership packet?
Answer: It takes 30-45 days (4-6 weeks) to get your membership packet in the mail. If you need additional help please call the STAR Office at (520-292-0200), or e mail membership@startouring.org  Once you log in from www.startouring.org print your information that comes up. This can be used as a temporary card.

What is in a membership or renewal packet?
New membership packets contain the following; STAR membership ID card, Arm patch for type of membership required ie; STAR, STAR Kids, or STAR Teen, a Brass new member pin, (adult members only), welcome letter, current benefit card(s), and a card of decals.
Renewal packets contain the following; Adult members only, renewal membership tabs to place on your existing membership card, small year rocker for the year you renewed, welcome letter, and current benefit card(s).

Trial Membership & Recruit a Friend: To find the forms. Login into your member profile, in the black bar at the top you will find the links to these forms.

Patch Placement Guidelines:  To find the guidelines login to your member profile, in the black bar at the top you will find a link to this document.

Business Cards: Login into your member profile, in the black box at the top you find a link to the order form.

My STAR Teen(s) is over 18 and still attending school, can they stay on my membership?
STAR Teens over 18 but under 24, attending school and still living at home may stay on the family membership. They will be listed as a college member and after 24 yrs must join STAR and have their own membership even if they are still in college. The parent must notify the office that the dependent member is still in school and living at home and send a copy of their college enrollment or college ID card for verification.

Do I have to join STAR to ride with a Chapter?
Answer: After signing the ride waiver and completing three chapter rides you must join STAR International to continue to ride with the group. The third ride needs to be completed five months after your first ride. This is a requirement of STAR Touring and the Charter License Agreement. You are then eligible to apply for chapter membership, you must be voted into the chapter. You can be a member of more than one Chapter.

Do I have to join the Chapter to ride with them?
Answer:  No, as a member of STAR you may ride with any STAR Chapter as a guest. You must sign a ride waiver with that Chapter to ride with them.
If I belong to one Chapter can I ride with other Chapters?
Answer: Yes, as long as you have signed a ride wavier with each Chapter and have a current STAR Touring membership. You must abide by the by laws of each chapter.

Do I have to join a Chapter to be a member of STAR?
Answer: No. After you join STAR it is your choice whether or not you join a STAR Chapter.

How and from whom do I get a lower Chapter rocker?
Answer: You must be voted in as a member of a STAR Chapter then pay a license fee to the Chapter to wear their lower rocker. You have to get the rocker from the Chapter President. The lower rocker is the property of the Chapter and must be surrendered back to the Chapter if you leave the chapter for any reason.

What happens if my STAR membership expires?
Answer: Approximately sixty days before your membership expires you will be sent two renewal reminder e-mail 30 days apart to the address on your account, if you do not renew we then send a reminder postcard in the mail 30 days after your expiration date. You may renew online; first you need to login, then click on “Renew Membership”.  You can also renew via the renewal card, mail or fax it in, or via phone by calling the STAR office  at 520-292-0200 during normal business hours M-F 8:30am-4:00pm MST (AZ).  45 days after your membership expires you will lose your website access and will have to call the STAR office to renew your membership.

I don’t have a chapter in my area how can I start one?
Answer: Contact the State Ambassador in your area and/or go tothe STAR website and chose start a STAR chapter. STAR will send you a questionnaire to fill out and send back to the ISC.  STAR will appraise your geographic area and assess your ability to organize and operate a chapter. Once approved STAR will send you the Area Coordinator packet with instructions on how to get started .  Your State Ambassadors will assist in all aspects and coordinate with the International STAR Council to insure your success.

I keep hearing about a Charter what is it?
Answer: The Charter is a license agreement between STAR Touring and Riding Association and its individual Chapters. It provides guidelines for the Chapter to operate.

Can I read this Charter?
Absolutely, the Chapter Charter notebook should be available for the viewing at every Chapter meeting. This document cannot be copied, or reproduced in any way.

Where do I buy a back patch?
Answer: You can order them by going to the STAR Outlet Mall or by calling the International Office. Remember, you must be a current member of STAR Touring and Riding. Refer to the placement guidelines for patches on your member profile page.

What is TIN STAR?
Answer:TIN STAR is the emergency response facet of STAR Touring. If you are a Fire Fighter, Police Officer, EMT, Physician, Nurse, Paramedic, Combat Life Saver, or have first responder certification and training, you may qualify (sorry, CPR training does not qualify). Download an application, fill it out and return it to the main offices with copies of your certifications. Once they have been reviewed, STAR International will send you the TIN STAR badge for your vest at no cost to you.

What is STAR VETS?
Answer:STAR VETS is the part of STAR Touring that recognizes and honors the many people that have served their country. To become part of STAR VETS you have to be currently serving in the Armed Forces or have served in the past and be able to provide proof of service. If you currently are serving in the military, all we need is a “Letter of Service” from your commanding personnel office. It must be on letterhead, list the years and months you have been in the Armed Forces and be signed by your commander. We also accept a copy of your military ID as proof. If you are retired or have left the military service, all we need is a copy of your DD-214  Honorable discharge papers. Send the copies and the signed STAR Vets Application to the fax listed on the form or mail to STAR Touring. Contact the STAR Office if you have questions.

What is “LADIES OF the STAR (LOS)?
Answer:Ladies of the STAR is a facet of STAR promoting the sport of motorcycling to women. Linda Alexander founded Ladies of the STAR in 1997 when she saw the value to reach out to women and get them involved in this great sport.

What is STAR KIDS?
Answer:STAR KiDs: STAR Touring is a family organization and children need to feel welcome as well. Many STAR Chapters now have special rides and events to encourage the children of our members to become a part of STAR. At STAR we feel our children are the future of this sport and of this organization. With the family membership you are allowed to sign up to four (4) children and/or grandchildren at no extra charge. They will receive their own patch and membership card.

Answer: STAR Teens are 13-18 years old and represent our effort to educate the next generation as to the positive aspects of motorcycling. This encourages safety training, judgment training and positive behavior. We are shaping the future motorcycle riders. They will receive their own patch & membership card.

What is STAR DAYS?
Answer:STAR DAYS is STAR Touring and Riding International Annual Event. During this event we get together to RIDE, see old acquaintances and make new friends, but most of all to have FUN. The Yamaha Star Line of motorcycles is featured at STAR DAYS with 5 days of demo rides. We have a wide range of vendors at STAR DAYS and many social events. Here is your opportunity to customize your bike by well known artist. Our annual live auction and banquet is the hi-light of the event. This event continues to grow and is located in different areas each year, around the country. STAR DAYS is the largest Star motorcycle event in North America.

Does STAR Touring get involved with any Charities?
Answer: Absolutely, STAR Touring has two national charities. One is Feed the Children. At STAR DAYS members deliver 80,000 pounds of food and supplies to needy families of the host city where the  event is being held. During the past few years STAR Touring and its’ participating chapters have raised over $1.1 Million for Feed the Children as well as put together local food drops in their communities.

The other charity is the Star Family Foundation “Members Helping Members”.  This Foundation was established in 2006 to  help members when a catastrophic event has occurred and they need financial help. Check out the charities page on the website www.startouring.org for details and ride information.

STAR Touring and Riding “The Official Riding Organization of “Star Motorcycles”.